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VRV Production System

“While we manufacture a range of highly engineered pressure equipment, what we believe we truly do is add value to our customers sustainably and help them reach their goals. Providing the best quality equipment, delivering value and the right services are all a part of the concerted effort to help our customers reach their goals. It is about our people and our customers.”
At VRV the effort has always been to provide value to the customer. Implementation of lean management principles is the next logical step towards this, along with the establishment of SAP. In more than half a century of experience in manufacturing, VRV has constantly practiced the principle of continuous improvement in every sphere, be it people, facilities or the machinery. The implementation of lean management is in line with this principle, to identify and reduce waste at every point and continuously add value to the customer.
2012 and 2013 were the years of change for the company, when we analyzed and questioned the way that we work and how we can do things differently. The change, as always was spearheaded by the people who came forward with ideas and innovations to improve processes and add value, thus was born the VRV Production System.  
The VRV Production System  is driven by the core values of the VRV Group:

Passion at Work

  • Passion for Excellence
  • Passion for Safety and Quality
  • Passion for Customer Satisfaction
  • Passion for Integrity
  • Passion for Continuous Improvement and Innovation
  • Passion for Attention to detail

Thus, in the beginning of 2013 VRV S.p.A. and VRV Asia Pacific committed to adopt the principles of lean management, to ensure that customer focus will be kept in mind at all times and to maximize customer value while minimizing waste.  Intensive full day workshops followed, to inculcate the principles of lean, walks through the factory to identify wastes, followed by training the second level lean champions. Projects were identified and completed to give the team a taste of what the entire process would involve.  Today both the facilities have wholeheartedly adopted the lean methodology and it has become the philosophy of the people.
Fabio Villa, Group General Manager  says "We have implemented lean methodology in the Group to achieve operational excellence. Although ithas just been 6 months since we started implementing the lean methodology, we have already shortened lead times, improved delivery performance, quality and freed up factory space. Our aim is to build a results-driven leadership enabling cost savings and a productive work environment for our people and we are constantly working towards this in the Group."
Any conversation about the implementation of lean management at VRV talks about how essential it is that every employee buys into the importance of implementing lean management. Every employee is encouraged to think out of the box ways to improve their areas of specialization and they have delivered and over-delivered, providing ways to work better in their areas. At weekly meetings,  mistakes are documented to identify the sources and ensure they won’t be repeated. Active participation is encouraged from everyone and most importantly people are encouraged to question why things are being done the way they are and to see how every resource can be better utilized.
Lean methodology revolves around manufacturing and production, but at VRV, as always, it’s all about people. The VRV Production System is really just an extension of the Passion at Work that VRV Employees demonstrate.